Daily              $50  Minimum Stay 2 nights
Weekly         $200     
Monthly       $500 plus electricity (metered)       
Annual         $5000/year one payment+ electricity

Annual rate must be paid up front. If you decide to
leave before your year ends then we will bill you the
monthly rate, not to exceed $
5000 of course)
(No late night arrivals, must arrive by 9:30PM)

ELECTRIC:        (due at registration)

Monthly        $100.00
Annual          $100.00

^   Meter reading will be taken upon arrival &  
departure  (Monthly readings if necessary).  
^   Electric Rate is $.15 per kWh (may vary)
^   Deposit will be applied to amount due, overage to
be refunded at end of stay.

Daily                 full amount for stay
Weekly             $ 50.00
Monthly/Annual            $150.00

^     Deposit will be applied to monies due upon      
^     Reservation deposit will be refunded if notice of  
cancellation received at least one month in advance of
reservation date.

^   Check Out time is 11:00 A.M.
^   No refunds on site rentals
^   W
e do not accept credit cards. Cash or check only.
^   By law, Keller Bay RV Park is a service oriented
business & therefore we do not have any
landlord/tenant agreements.
Park Information
Park speed limit is 5 MPH
• No FEMA trailers,  Trailers 10 yrs or older subject to
park approval. All trailers must have holding tanks.
• No children on Full time Monthly or Annual rentals
• Rates are based on 2 adults per site; additional adult
will be charged $4 per night (3 max per site)
• All guests MUST be registered
• Pets must be leashed and picked up after – you must
have a “pick up” bag with you at all times. No leaving
animals tied up outside. Must be indoor pets.
• No household trash (from home) to be deposited
in trash containers – TRASH PICK UP IS FRIDAY
• No littering at sites or around the park (includes
cigarette butts, pop tops and food scraps)
• No dumping hot grease or charcoal on the premises
[There is a container for cold charcoal/ash by the
trash bins]
• We are on a septic system, please do not put grease,
cigarettes, food chunks or other solids into the
wastewater (No RV washing machines allowed)
• Quiet time is 9 pm to 7 am
• No loud music (or other loud noise to disturb
neighbors or guests)
• No Tent Camping is Allowed
• Fishing Pier is for use by Registered Guest(s) only –
you MUST have a valid TX fishing license to fish the
• There are no Public Bath or Bathroom Facilities
•Please help keep laundry room neat and respect
others. Do not put clothes in and leave the park.
All rents due by 11 am on due date, late fee of
$10/day after 2 days unpaid. After 5 days you will be
asked to leave the park.
• Vehicle(s) must be parked on your site
only and not
infringe on other sites (occupied or vacant).
Limit 1 boat per RV site (must be in working order).
Non working cars/boats, tractor trailers or storage
containers are not allowed.
• There is a $30 fee for any checks returned unpaid by
guest’s bank.